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Community Service

Service to the professional community has been achieved by involvement of members of the Department with the ANZCA Examination Committee, CVP Special Interest Group, Victorian Regional Committee and Extracorporeal Perfusion Group.

They also have executive roles with the Victorian Regional Branch and the AMA, the Victorian Consultative Council on Anaesthetic Mortality and Morbidity, and the Victorian Transoesophageal Echocardiography Group.

Patient Care

The Department of Anaesthesia is well known for its use of regional anaesthesia. 35-40% of operations are performed using these techniques. Regional anaesthesia means greater comfort for patients post-operatively and facilitates early return home to their families. The hospital benefits also from the reduced cost of the anaesthetic technique and shorter hospital stay.

Epidurals for Post-operative pain relief are used widely. There is reasonable evidence that this reduces post-operative complications and time in hospital.

Members of the Department are well known for their leadership and development of blood conservation techniques, cardiovascular monitoring, and Transoesophageal Echocardiography. Our perfusionists are leaders in the conduct, teaching and research of Cardiopulmonary bypass.

The Anaesthetic Department has an active research program which contributes significantly to the quality of anaesthetic research worldwide. Our research has attracted research funding from ANZCA, NHMRC, St. Vincent's Hospital and Pharmaceutical companies. In the past 10 years there have been an average of 9 ongoing projects each year.

The anaesthetic registrar training is considered to be one of the best in Australia. Our pass rate for the final FANZCA has been 100% in 12 of the last 15 years. Prizes for the best Australasian candidate have been earned 4 times for the Primary FANZCA and 4 times for the final FANZCA in the past 14 years.

The Department runs continuing medical education workshops for the Anaesthetic community and Departmental meetings which are of a very high standard. Members of the Department give an average of 10 international, 6 national and 6 local conference presentations each year.

The St. Vincent's Anaesthetic Nursing course was the first in Melbourne and has continued to develop rapidly over the past 5 years.


Our Staff:


David is Head of the Department of Anaesthesia and Acute Pain Medicine, and currently President of ANZCA. His clinical interests are in cardiac and vascular anaesthesia, echocardiography and regional anaesthesia. He has clinical and research interests in acute pain medicine and his PhD was in the neuropharmacology of neuropathic pain. He is a co-editor of the book Acute Pain Management -Scientific Evidence. His main research interests are in blood management and cognitive outcomes following anaesthesia and surgery, including delirium and dementia. He is a member of the Executive of the Perioperative Cognition professional Interest Area of the Alzheimer’s Association International. He has received over $4M in competitive research grants and has published widely in these areas.

Dr Brian CowieMBBS, FANZCA

Brian is the Deputy Director of the department and is the cardiothoracic and perioperative echocardiography lead.

After completing his FANZCA training at St. Vincent’s Hospital in Melbourne, his subspecialty expertise in cardiothoracics and echocardiography was developed with faculty appointments at several major university hospitals in North America.

He has completed both transoesophageal and transthoracic echocardiography (TOE and TTE) certification and is a Fellow of the American Society of Echocardiography (FASE).

In addition to his clinical work, Brian is a senior examiner for the Final Fellowship Exam of the ANZCA.

He is an alumni of the London Business School and is a collaborator with the Baker Heart and Diabetes Research Institute Sports Cardiology lab.

He has published over 30 peer reviewed publications, mostly in the area of perioperative echocardiography.

Dr Ben SlaterBSc(Hons), BMed, FANZCA, Grad Dip Clinical US

Ben is currently one of two Deputy Directors in the Department of Anaesthesia and Acute Pain Medicine. His training included time at Massachusetts General Hospital as a staff anaesthesiologist and retrieval medicine working with Careflight in NSW. His main areas of clinical practice are cardiac and thoracic anaesthesia. His main area of specialty interest is haematology including the use of viscoelastic coagulation testing. Ben also has a role in a multidisciplinary team examining how the operating theatre can run more efficiently.

Dr Vaughan BertramB Biomed. Sc (Adel), MBBS (Melb), FANZCA

Vaughan has been a staff anaesthetist since 2016 and is a current Supervisor of Training and Fellowship Coordinator.

After finishing his registrar training through St Vincent's Hospital, he completed a fellowship at the Royal Melbourne Hospital before travelling to Canada in 2015 where he completed a 12 month Advanced Airway Management Fellowship at Toronto General Hospital under the mentorship of Professor Richard Cooper.

Vaughan has has written a book chapter for difficult airway management in ENT surgery and published in airway related research.

He works regularly in oral maxillofacial, head and neck, orthopaedic and thoracic surgery, and is enthusiastic about teaching airway management techniques and bronchoscopic intubation. Outside his staff role he works regularly in obstetric anaesthesia.

Dr Louisa BhanabhaiMBBS FANZCA

Dr Charles BitconMBBS BMedSci MClinUS FANZCA

Charles graduated medicine at The University of Melbourne and trained in anaesthesia at St. Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne. He completed subspecialty fellowship training in cardiac anaesthesia and transesophageal echocardiography at St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto, Canada in 2014 - 2015. Charles is certified in advanced perioperative transesophageal echocardiography by the American National Board of Echocardiography and scored in the 100th percentile on the Advanced PTEeXAM. He has published research in the Canadian Journal of Anesthesia and has completed a Master’s Degree in Clinical Ultrasound at The University of Melbourne.

Charles’s main clinical interests are cardiac, thoracic, vascular and orthopaedic anaesthesia. He has a special interest in perioperative echocardiography and ultrasound guided regional anaesthesia. He has been a staff anaesthetist at St. Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne since 2016 and is a member of the department’s quality and safety committee.

Dr Anjalee BrahmbhattMBChB, FRCA, FANZCA, AFRACMA, PgCertUS

Honorary Clinical Lecturer, University of Melbourne

Anjalee is a Full-time Staff Specialist Anaesthetist and clinical lead in anaesthesia for Neurosurgery.

After completing her specialist training at Addenbrookes Hospital, Cambridge, UK, she undertook general and trauma fellowships at the Alfred Hospital and St Vincent's Hospital, Melbourne.

Her key clinical interests are in neuroanaesthesia and anaesthesia for thoracic, trauma and plastic surgery. She has a strong interest in medical education, research and clinical leadership. As part of her role in the department, she is a HMO supervisor, Mentor Lead and manages policies and clinical guidelines. Anjalee sits on the St. Vincent's Hospital Renal transplant activation committee.

Dr Sam CostelloMBBS BBiomedSci FANZCA

Sam undertook his anaesthetic training within the St Vincent’s Hospital before completing a fellowship in cardiac, vascular and thoracic anaesthesia at University Hospital Leuven, Belgium. Following his fellowship he worked for two years as a consultant anaesthetist at the University Hospital Antwerp, Belgium before returning to an English speaking environment at St Vincent’s Hospital.

He is responsible for the anaesthetic trainee tutorial program. He enjoys the mix of both cardiac and non-cardiac anaesthesia as well as the performance of transoesophageal echocardiography and regional anaesthesia.


Henry DavidsonMBBS FANZCA

Henry completed his medical degree at The University of Melbourne, graduating in 2011. He then did his specialist anaesthesia training all locally in Melbourne through St Vincent's hospital before receiving his ANZCA specialist qualification in 2019.

After training he spent a year working overseas in San Francisco at UCSF in California, USA.

Having now returned to Melbourne he currently works full time as a staff specialist anaesthetist at St Vincent's.

He is actively involved in the education of anaesthetic registrars in training and is a member of the quality and safety committee.

He has 2 young kids and keeps busy with family and friends outside of work, whenever possible in the great outdoors.

Dr Martin DuffyMBBS, MPH, Grad Cert in Clinical Education, AFRACMA, FANZCA

Martin is a senior staff specialist anaesthetist and is the clinical lead for the Department of Surgery (Endocrine/Breast/General) and Endoscopy. He trained at St Vincent’s before doing Neuroanaesthesia and Obstetric anaesthesia fellowships at the Royal Melbourne & Royal Womens Hospitals.

Martin enjoys all aspects of non-cardiac anaesthesia and has wide ranging interests in Perioperative medicine, medical administration, teaching and quality & safety and is the Director of Medical Services at The Kilmore & District Hospital.

Martin co-ordinates the rostering of Junior Medical Staff, and the General on-call roster for Senior Medical Staff.

Dr Claire GarrattBSc (Hons) MBBS FRCA FANZCA

Claire is a full-time staff specialist anaesthetist and the department Librarian. She completed her anaesthesia training at King’s College Hospital, London, UK and was assimilated into Australian anaesthesia practice gaining FANZCA in August 2017. She has completed fellowships in cardiothoracic, obstetric, hepatobiliary and liver transplant anaesthesia both in the UK and here in Melbourne. Her interests are cardiothoracic and hepatobiliary anaesthesia, transoesophageal and transthoracic echocardiography, perioperative medicine and quality improvement.

Dr Alison GrahamMBBS, FANZCA

Alison is a full-time staff specialist who currently holds a portfolio of Supervisor of Training. She is a Primary Examiner and EMAC instructor. Her previous portfolios have included planning the registrar teaching program at St Vincent’s Hospital, Welfare Advocate and DOS/Endoscopy lead anaesthetist. Her special interests are with ENT anaesthesia, regional anaesthesia, perioperative medicine and education.

On her days off she tends to her heirloom tomatoes.

Dr Craig IronfieldMBBS, BMedSci, PGCertUS, FANZCA

Craig is a fulltime staff anaesthetist and head of the department’s Quality and Safety committee.

After completing anaesthesia training at St Vincent’s Hospital, he completed a fellowship year at The Royal Melbourne Hospital, with a focus on trauma and major head and neck surgery. He then returned to St Vincent’s in 2016.

He is an honorary clinical fellow at the University of Melbourne, and has key clinical interests in regional anaesthesia, vascular surgery and neurosurgery.

Dr Roman KlugerMBBS, FANZCA, MBiostat

Roman is a senior full-time staff anaesthetist, a Supervisor of Training and a SSU supervisor for cardiac surgery and interventional cardiology. He is also one of the rotational supervisors for the Victorian Eastern Anaesthesia Rotational Training Program and an ex-part 2 examiner for the College.

Roman began his anaesthesia training in the UK and completed it at St. Vincent’s in 1987.

He has worked at St. Vincent’s since then apart from a 2 year period at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, USA ( 1990-1992) where he learnt transoesophageal echocardiography (TOE).

His main clinical interest is anaesthesia for cardiac surgery, intraoperative TOE and perfusion.

Roman is also involved with many departmental and external studies due to his statistical qualifications and research experience.

Dr Bridget LangleyMBBS, FANZCA

Bridget is a Senior Staff Anaesthetist and one of the Supervisors of Training at St Vincent’s Hospital. Bridget completed her anaesthetic training at St Vincent’s Hospital and spent almost two years at Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Cambridge, United Kingdom before returning in 2006.

Bridget is the Supervisor and Convenor for EMAC at Vincent’s Hospital. She has been involved in simulation teaching for thirteen years and EMAC since 2007. She is a Senior EMST Instructor and an ALS2 Course Director and Instructor.

Bridget is the Chair of the Supervisors of EMAC Network at ANZCA and a Member of the Executive of the Medical Education Special Interest Group at ANZCA. She is also a Senior Lecturer with the University of Melbourne for St Vincent’s Clinical School, designing and implementing simulation teaching for the medical students.

Her particular interests are airway management, trauma, education and simulation. Her research interests are in the areas of airway management, clinical education and simulation.


Jamahal graduated from Monash University, and obtained his FANZCA in 2013. He undertook a domestic fellowship at the Royal Darwin Hospital as well as a 6month rotation as a perioperative medical registrar.

From 2014 until 2016 he undertook a Cardiaciothoracic fellowship at Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston Massachusetts. He is a full time staff anaesthetist at St Vincent's and has additional interests in echocardiography (both TTE and TOE) and perioperative medicine.

Dr Desmond McGladeMBBS, FANZCA

Des is a senior staff anaesthetist and long standing member of the department. His anaesthesia training was via the Northern Suburbs Rotational Training Scheme and St Vincent’s Hospital. Since then he has held full time clinical appointments that include The Royal Women’s Hospital Melbourne, Addenbrooke’s Hospital Cambridge UK and Toronto General Hospital Canada. In 2017 Des attended the Hôpital Petié Salpêtrière in Paris while on sabbatical from St Vincent’s, where he attended as a member of their Vascular Surgery anaesthesia division.

Des’s main clinical interests include vascular and thoracic anaesthesia in which he has held positions as the SSU supervisor and department clinical lead. He is an experienced cardiac anaesthetist. Other areas of clinical responsibility include operating theatre Blood Bank liaison and the Post Anaesthesia Recovery Unit. His interests and expertise extend to echocardiography, transoesophageal and transthoracic, and regional anaesthesia.


Call him Tuong (pronounced like Ach-tung) He has trained at University Melbourne, St Vincent’s Melbourne and Guy’s and St Thomas’ London.

Tuong is a full-time staff specialist whose departmental roles include the Quality and Safety Committee, Deputy Head of Clinical Research, and the colorectal Lead including Enhanced Recovery after Surgery.

His clinical workload includes the subspecialty area of cardiac anaesthesia and echocardiography.

Tuong has a twitter feed that is lightly professional and lightly personal fun stuff @crouch_phan

His areas of clinical research have been in clinical monitoring – accuracy and precision, intraoperative fluid therapy, haemodynamic performance and outcomes. He participates in and supports the ANZCA Clinical Trials Network. Tuong is also an honorary senior clinical lecturer at the University of Melbourne.


A salient quote for Tuong:

Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.

If you have a good question, ask it.

Tuong supports diversity and a healthy (anti-bullying) environment in the workplace.

Dr Simon ScharfMBBS, FANZCA

By day Simon is a senior staff anaesthetist, and Deputy Head of the Acute Pain Service.

By night, he is a network administrator, software developer & programmer. He is a techie at heart, and enjoys creating web apps and research using virtual reality, augmented reality and other medical gadgets.

He is often approached as the departmental tech support.

Simon is a member of the ANZCA ICT steering committe.

Infrequently, he’s allowed into operating theatres, where his main anaesthesia subspecialty of interest is ENT, jet ventialtion and difficult airways.

A/Prof Brendan SilbertMBBS, FANZCA

Brendan Silbert is a senior staff anaesthestist at St Vincent’s Hospital and Associate Professor at the University of Melbourne. He undertook postgraduate training at Massachusetts General Hospital in USA and St Bartholomew’s in London UK. He has been a long time member of the Staff at St Vincent’s. He has a broad range of interests in clinical anaesthesia but his mission is clinical research. He was a founding member of the Centre for Anaesthesia and Cognitive Function at St Vincent’s and has been an active researcher in perioperative cognitive disorders for many years. He received the first NHMRC funding for anaesthesia research in 1996 and since then has been awarded nearly 10 million dollars in research funding. He is vice chair of the St Vincent’s Hospital Human Research Ethics Committee.

Dr Gabe SnyderMBBS, FANZCA

Gabe has been a full-time staff anaesthetist at St Vincent’s since 2011. In 2009 and 2010 he was a Visiting Assistant Professor in the Department of Anaesthesia at the University of California, San Francisco. His clinical work covers a wide range of adult anaesthesia, with a particular focus on neurosurgery and hepatobiliary surgery. He is the head of the Anaesthesia Pre-admission Clinic, Discipline Head for Anaesthesia at University of Notre Dame, and leads the University of Melbourne MD2 teaching in Anaesthesia at this campus. He has a specific interest in optimisation of physical fitness before major surgery. His private practice is predominantly obstetric anaesthesia and analgesia.

Dr Andrew StewartMB ChB Dip Obst FANZCA PGDip EpidBiost MMED

Andrew is a full time staff anaesthetist and Head of the Acute pain Service.

He did his primary medical degree and anaesthetic training in New Zealand. He did post fellowship training in Sydney and Oxford before commencing a staff position at St Vincent’s.

Andrew clinical work includes cardiac anaesthesia, transoesophageal echocardiography and medical management of cardiopulmonary bypass. He has a MMEd in pain management and heads the anaesthetic department’s acute pain management team.

Andrew has an interest in simulation and teaching of crisis management and is an EMAC instructor.

Dr Christine VienMBBS, FANZCA

Christine completed a fellowship at St Vincent's Hospital before returning as a full time anaesthetist. Her medical interest lie with regional anaesthesia as well as paediatric anaesthesia, having completed a fellowship at the Royal Children's Hospital in Melbourne. Christine also has a strong interest in medical management, having membered and chaired a number of committees focusing on welfare and training of junior doctors. She is currently the New Fellows Councillor on the ANZCA Council.