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Community Service

Service to the professional community has been achieved by involvement of members of the Department with the ANZCA Examination Committee, CVP Special Interest Group, Victorian Regional Committee and Extracorporeal Perfusion Group.

They also have executive roles with the Victorian Regional Branch and the AMA, the Victorian Consultative Council on Anaesthetic Mortality and Morbidity, and the Victorian Transoesophageal Echocardiography Group.

Patient Care

The Department of Anaesthesia is well known for its use of regional anaesthesia. 35-40% of operations are performed using these techniques. Regional anaesthesia means greater comfort for patients post-operatively and facilitates early return home to their families. The hospital benefits also from the reduced cost of the anaesthetic technique and shorter hospital stay.

Epidurals for Post-operative pain relief are used widely. There is reasonable evidence that this reduces post-operative complications and time in hospital.

Members of the Department are well known for their leadership and development of blood conservation techniques, cardiovascular monitoring, and Transoesophageal Echocardiography. Our perfusionists are leaders in the conduct, teaching and research of Cardiopulmonary bypass.

The Anaesthetic Department has an active research program which contributes significantly to the quality of anaesthetic research worldwide. Our research has attracted research funding from ANZCA, NHMRC, St. Vincent's Hospital and Pharmaceutical companies. In the past 10 years there have been an average of 9 ongoing projects each year.

The anaesthetic registrar training is considered to be one of the best in Australia. Our pass rate for the final FANZCA has been 100% in 12 of the last 15 years. Prizes for the best Australasian candidate have been earned 4 times for the Primary FANZCA and 4 times for the final FANZCA in the past 14 years.

The Department runs continuing medical education workshops for the Anaesthetic community and Departmental meetings which are of a very high standard. Members of the Department give an average of 10 international, 6 national and 6 local conference presentations each year.

The St. Vincent's Anaesthetic Nursing course was the first in Melbourne and has continued to develop rapidly over the past 5 years.


Our Staff:

Dr Mahsa AdabiMBBS, FANZCA

Dr Alex BakerMB ChB, BSc, FANZCA, GDipMgmt, EDRA

Alex is a Kiwi who completed his anaesthetic training in NSW, Victoria and the UK. He has a special interest in anaesthesia for ENT procedures, regional anaesthesia and teaching. Outside of work his interests include: mountain biking, surfing and kitesurfing.

Dr Kate BarrettMBBS, FANZCA

Dr Michelle ChongMBBS, FANZCA


John is a senior sessional anaesthetist with leadership roles in ENT and Neurosurgical anaesthesia. He has published papers about neuroanaesthesia, pharmacology and regional anaesthesia and more recently the effect of xenon anaesthesia on cortical electrical activity. He is a senior clinical fellow at the University of Melbourne and a clinical research fellow at Swinburne University. He is training to become a second part examiner for the College of Anaesthetists.

Dr Nancy FammartinoMBBS, FANZCA

Dr Robert GotmakerMBBS, FANZCA

Dr Gaylene HeardMBBS, FANZCA

Dr Phillipa HoreMBBS, FANZCA

Dr Simon JonesMBBS, FANZCA

Simon is a visiting medical officer and specialty unit supervisor of neuroanaesthesia at St Vincent’s Hospital.

After completing his training at St Vincent’s Hospital, he completed a general fellowship at the Bristol Royal Infirmary in 2000, then a neuroanaesthesia fellowship at St George’s Hospital, London in 2001. Simon was awarded the Magill medal during his earlier studies in the UK and returned to St Vincent’s in 2002.

As well as a public appointment at the Royal Victorian Eye and Ear hospital, he has a busy private practice. Areas of interest include neuroanaesthesia, obstetrics, regional anaesthesia colorectal and eye surgery. He is actively involved in teaching and research with publications in the fields of plastic and neurosurgery.

Dr Alexandra KentMBBS, FANZCA


Dr Steven McGuiganMBBS, FANZCA

Dr Andrew MiddletonMBBS, FANZCA

Dr James MitchellMBBS, FANZCA

James’ anaesthesia training was at the Geelong Hospital, St Vincent's Hospital, the Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital, the Mercy Hospital for Women and the Royal Children’s Hospital. From 2001 to 2004 he was an Assistant Professor at the University of California, San Francisco, gaining extensive experience in neuroanaesthesia and publishing research in mechanisms of opioid tolerance and peripheral inflammation.

As well as general cases, he anaesthetises for neurosurgery, other specialty surgery and paediatric ophthalmic, ENT and dental surgery. James has prepared study materials in anaesthesia which are in use both here and in the UK and is involved in the assessment of the performance of foreign-trained anaesthetists seeking to practice in Australia.

He lives with his partner Jay in Fitzroy where their interests include bodybuilding and rowing with Melbourne Argonauts.

Dr Vanida NaRanongMBBS, FANZCA

Dr Ashutosh NathMBBS, FANZCA

Dr David OliveMBBS, FANZCA

After completing his registrar years at St. Vincent’s, David did a cardiac anaesthesia fellowship in Bristol, UK. He has worked at St. Vincent’s at a consultant level since 2001. David has a varied practice that includes anaesthesia for orthopaedic and plastic (hand) surgery, both of which involve extensive use of regional anaesthetic techniques. He also provides anaesthesia for obstetrics, ENT (including a significant paediatric caseload), upper GI (including bariatrics), ophthalmology and paediatric dental procedures. David is a passionate teacher of medical students, registrars, nurses and midwives. Aside from regular tutorials and lectures, David has taught regional techniques, including ultrasound-guided blocks and sub-Tenon’s blocks, at national conferences and local workshops. David is the Chairman of the Epworth HealthCare Obstetric Anaesthesia Committee and the Chairman of the Obstetric Anaesthesia Special Interest Group at St. Vincent’s Private. He is also the anaesthesia representative on the Medical Advisory Committee at Masada Private Hospital.

Dr Michael RattrayMBBS, FANZCA

Dr Jeffrey ReddyBHB, MBChB, FANZCA

Jeff is a visiting anaesthetist with a special interest in regional and cardiothoracic anaesthesia. He trained and completed his anaesthetic training in New Zealand. He finished a fellowship at St Vincents focusing on cardiac/regional and airway management then worked as a consultant in Auckland with a focus on obstetrics before returning to St Vincents. He has a strong interest in perioperative clinical ultrasound.

Dr Christopher ScarffMBBS, FANZCA

Dr Elliot SchulbergMBBS, FANZCA, MMed(Periop)

Elliot is a VMO anaesthetist who trained through Monash Health before completing a regional anaesthesia fellowship at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre in Toronto, Canada.

He maintains public appointments at St Vincent's Hospital and Monash Health as well as private practice. He has a special interest in ultrasound guided regional anaesthesia.

Dr Michael SollyMBBS, FANZCA

Michael is a visiting anaesthetist at St Vincents.

Michael trained at the Royal Melbourne Hospital before completing a fellowship year at St Vincent's Hospital and then staying on for a year as a staff anaesthetist.

Leaving St Vincents he spent five years at the Mercy Hospital for Women as a half time staff anaesthetist before returning to St Vincent's as a visiting anaesthetist in 2002.

Since then Michael has combined private practice with work at St Vincent's.

Clinically he works in a range of areas including neuroaneasthesia, colorectal surgery, vascular surgery and orthopaedics and gynaecology.



Dr Yoshiaki UdaMBBS FANZCA DipClinUS

Yoshi is a VMO anaesthetist with a special interest in cardiothoracic and regional anaesthesia. He spent two years of training at St. Vincent’s Hospital with a strong emphasis in regional anaesthesia. Subsequently, Yoshi completed fellowship in cardiac anaesthesia and anaesthesia for organ transplantation at Toronto General Hospital, Toronto, Canada before returning to St. Vincent’s in 2017.

His interests include teaching and research in ultrasound guided regional anaesthesia, transthoracic and transesophageal echocardiography.

Dr Crispin WanMBBS, FANZCA

Crispin is a VMO who works at St. Vincent's, Eye & Ear Hospital and Epworth. He trained in Monash and completed his fellowship years at St. Vincent's and Oxford concentrating in neuroanaesthesia and airway management.

He's also the HMO Supervisor for Anaesthesia, SSU Supervisor for Ophthalmology, EMAC instructor, executive committee member for the Daycare Surgery SIG and an Honorary Clinical Fellow at the University of Melbourne.

His clinical interests include airway management, ENT, neuroanaesthesia, TCI, regional anaesthesia and ophthalmology. He's produced various local manuals for fibreoptic intubation, ENT and CICO and is actively involved in airway management teaching.

Dr Daniel WongMBBS, FANZCA

Dr Maggie WongMBBS, MMed, MHlthEth, FANZCA

Maggie is a sessional anaesthetist. She was a St Vincent’s Hospital anaesthetic trainee, and completed her training with a fellowship at The Royal Women’s Hospital and the Massachusetts General Hospital. Her professional interests include obstetrics anaesthetic, perioperative medicine, medical education and health ethics. She is a Fellowship Examiner and DPA Assessor for ANZCA, a member of the Victorian Consultative Council of Anaesthetic Morbidity and Mortality, and a faculty member of the Monash University Master of Medicine course to 2017.

Dr Andrew WyssMBBS, FANZCA

He trained at St Vincents and finished his anaesthetic training with a neuroanaesthesia fellowship in London, Ontario, Canada.

Dr Wyss was on staff at St Vincents for several years and now is a visiting consultant at St Vincent's and The Royal Victorian Eye and Ear hospital, along with private practice.

He maintains special interest in neuroaneasthesia, cranio-facial, ENT, and ophthalmic anaesthesia.