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APS Online

Anaesthesia PAC

Anaesthesia PAC

EMAC Course

EMAC Course

Who should attend?

The EMAC Course is a mandatory course for all ANZCA trainees and is accredited for CPD points and emergency response activities for Fellows and Provisional Fellows.

Anaesthetic trainees and GP anaesthetic trainees must have completed a minimum of one year of accredited training prior to attending the course. It is expected that the participants in the course would be capable of providing anaesthesia to a simple emergency case, such as an appendicectomy without direct supervision.

Why do the course?

The course introduces anaesthetists to the non-technical skills required for managing clinical emergencies. It provides strategies for using the available resources to leadand coordinate team activities and communicate effectively during emergencies.

The EMAC Course revises the technical skills and requirements for handling common and life-threatening situations during anaesthetic care.

What is included?

  • Human factors and human performance in anaesthetic care
  • Cardiovascular emergencies
  • Airway emergencies
  • Anaesthetic emergencies
  • Trauma management for the anaesthetist

Do I get CPD/CME points?

ANZCA:EMAC is accredited for 2 CPD points per hour in the knowledge and skills category and both CICO and Cardiac Arrest emergency response activities.

ACCRM:10 MOPS points

How many participants in a course?

The maximum number of participants for EMAC is 12. The course often has a mix of consultants, trainees and GP anaesthetists.


  • Thursday 21st July –Saturday 23rd July
  • Thursday 25th August –Saturday 27th August
  • Thursday 6th October –Saturday 8th October
  • Thursday 3rd November –Saturday 5th November
  • Thursday 1st December –Saturday 3rd December
* may be subject to change / cancellation due to COVID-19


$3,135 (inc. GST)


Epworth Healthcare Clinical Education and Simulation CentreLevel 5, Cato Wing 89 Bridge Road, Richmond, Victoria 3121


Please contact:

Associate Professor Tess Vawser Tess.Vawser@epworth.org.au

Miss Bernadette Novais Erclinical.education@epworth.org.au

Phone: 03 9516 2535


HERE: https://www.ivvy.com.au/event/EMAC2022/